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Dr. Boateng is a captivating thought leader and psychological consultant.  Her work extends beyond mental health treatment and integrates aspects of career and psychological consultation, which she has done for colleges, artists, young professionals and non-profit organizations, such as The Growth Network and Girls Inc.  Through speaking, consulting (organizational re-envisioning, leadership training, workshops, etc) and content writing for various organizations, she lends her psychological knowledge on topics such as emotional growth, professional development, resilience, effective leadership, relationships and spiritual enrichment.

You may have heard Dr. Boateng, as a psychological expert, on the Bare This & That Relationships Radio Show on iHeart/WWDB-AM Talk 860, The Nick Taliaferro Show and The Lounge with Keaton Nichols on WURD 96.1 FM/900 AM in Philadelphia. She continues to provide rich psychology and practical tools to topics like Authenticity in Relationships and Depression. 

Dr. Boateng’s private practice was featured on's weekly professional spotlight. Her passion for providing holistic, quality care to the Philadelphia community is highlighted in this article: 

Due to her interest in the integration of psychology and spirituality, Akua created the Emotional Health & Spirituality Conference, founded on the necessity of emotionally aware spirituality for people and faith leaders. She has operated as keynote speaker and facilitator for various faith leaders and Christian communities. Some of the conference session topics include, "Love-driven Leadership",  "The Whole-istic Leader", and "Emotionally Healthy Spirituality". Her passion is to teach others how to live an emotionally and spiritually satisfying life. Her recent contribution was a global venture where she was a guest speaker on the topic of generational legacies in Paris, France. Please contact her with speaking and print inquiries at  


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