It’s Wedding Season: Pre Wedding Jitters or A Sign of Deeper Issues

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It doesn't take witnessing a bridezilla meltdown for you to know that weddings can be very stressful. Between the party-planning details and the looming prospect of spending your life with one person forever, wedding season can trigger an abnormal level of anxiety in many people.

"Marriage is one of those relationships that gets to the epicenter of our early psychological and emotional concerns," Akua K. Boateng, PhD, LPC, licensed psychotherapist in Philadelphia. So, if you're about to tie the knot, it's only natural that you'd have some concerns or fears.

Most of us refer to this uncertainty as "cold feet" or "wedding jitters." But if you're someone who already has anxiety, you might be inclined to "catastrophize," or spin a worst-case possible scenario out of every situation. In this case, you might feel like you're one decision away from doing the wrong thing with your life.

-Cory Stieg

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Millennials and Anxiety

The American Psychological Association reports millennials experience more stress and are less able to manage it than any other generation. They are more anxious than older Americans and 12% suffer with Anxiety-related disorders (twice than that of Boomers). Moreover, research has found that anxiety and stress were the leading two causes for a decline in academic and work performance. 


Millennials are very ambitious, have more choices than ever before, are more connected due to current advances in technology and social media. Unfortunately, millennials may secretly fear their inadequacies at a deep level. While we were raised to believe that we can have it all and be what we wan,t the harsh realities of our limitations as humanness can be daunting for some. It is important to remember that when we embrace the benefits of having more ambitious, passion and a cloak impenetrability, we must be mindful to not allow it to paralyze us and make us doubt ourselves. 



Your mind is powerful organ! Just the way that it is able to signal your body to react in dangerous (or seemingly dangerous) situations, it is able to embrace methods of decompression, calm and a less stressful response.

Healthy Outlets: 

• Yoga 

• Meditation 

• Physical Activity 


• Talking to a therapist

Changing the stress mindset not only minimizes the effects of stress, studies show, it enhances performance and productivity.

MINDFULNESS as #1 stress reducer

• Be present

• Move toward the stressor not away (face it…it has less power)

• I am concerned about_____ because _______; I believe this will happen ______.

• Change your mindset

The Power of a Woman's Intuition - Sol Sisters Radio Podcast Interview

For our first episode, Licensed Psychotherapist and Doctoral Candidate Akua Boateng shares her insight on listening to our voice within, or what she calls our unique form of strength. She discusses how trauma or other outside influences can impact trust in our gut instincts, and how we can best channel the wisdom gained from our life experiences. 

California Native Opens Psychotherapy Practice In South Philly

In a quest to bring holistic emotional care to the Northeast, Akua K. Boateng, a psychotherapist and psychological consultant relocated from sunny California to Philadelphia in 2015. After 6 years of working in the field of clinical psychology and higher education, she decided to open a private practice in South Philadelphia geared towards enhancing the lives of individuals and couples. Akua has come to understand thevalue that is added to communities when private practitioners provide high quality, evidenced-based therapy that is affordable. She holds a Master’s in Clinical Psychology, is currently completing a doctorate in Marriage and Family therapy and has trained at multiple acute and outpatient facilities, including a non-profit Homicide Survivors Recovery Program. Client concerns of interest are anxiety, depression, grief recovery, relationship concerns, divorce and separation issues, work/career concerns, spiritual issues, and many more.

You may have heard Akua offer psychological insight in the area of relationships on the Bare This & That Relationships Radio Show on iHeart radio/WWDB 860 Talk Radio on Mondays at 1pm, where she was selected to sit in as a reoccurring psychological expert. Whether on the radio, speaking for a business’ professional development or in the therapy room, using an integrative approach, she works with individuals to overcome the personal obstacles that may create barriers to the life they desire. Client can expect to explore skills that help one take ownership of their emotional health, become aware of unhealthy patterns and work toward an authentic, satisfying life experience. Couples gain tools that help them partner well, create a unified vision and manage conflict better.

Akua works on a sliding-scale fee structure and provides affordable rates for her services. She is proud to call Philadelphia her new home and hopes to partner with you on your therapeutic journey.


It is inevitable. Resistance. It is a close relative to the growing process. Steven Pressfield, in his book The War of Art states, "Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands resistance."  It stands between us and our next of degree, health goal, business venture or artistic movement. We come face to face with our greatest enemy. Resistance. Or is it our enemy? 

One natural response to resistance is to stop moving and as we succumb to the pressure we declare "it wasn't meant to be" or "it isn't worth it."  Another common response is to viciously press back with an equal yet opposing force to vie for our position. Yet instead of winning the war against this cancerous force, we lose strength to press forward and fail to make any significant progress. 

I believe resistance is not our enemy but a qualified trainer. Resistance develops strength, conditioning and resilience. It can work for you, if you…embrace it. Anticipate it. 

In the practice of Tai Chi when encountering an opponent it is often best to use the force of their negative attacks against them by redirecting it in your favor. 

Embrace the resistance in your life using the energy it produces to propel you forward. Allow the flow of resistance to work for you. 

So next time you have that writers block…write about it. When your children won't talk with you…sit with them in silent acceptance. When you feel that the promotion is not coming quick enough and you've hit a glass ceiling…remodel your current position to make room for a staircase to your next level. And when you can't hear God's voice…show up faithfully at your meeting place to bless Him with yours.

Embrace. Redirect. Become Resilient.