As a psychotherapist, I have seen the very best and worst seasons that life has a tendency to take us through. I believe that therapy helps us see the MORE that we seek in life. It also provides a safe place to explore the unspoken. I empower my clients to overcome personal obstacles through exploring unhealthy patterns that are not serving them. Using an integrative approach, I assist in creating new and better stories for the scars you might feel disqualify you as well as experiencing new ways of being in your relationships and career. Whether it is a history of abuse, the unrelenting pull of depression, the unrest of anxiety or the negative cycle we find our beloved relationship in, there is stillness in the eye of every storm where we can find peace to endure. I strongly believe resilience is proceeded by tragedy and courage to try again in the face of fear. Therapy helps us to experience support as we explore uncertainty, fear, shame, confusion and other emotions that surface in these challenging times. It is my desire as a therapist to help you re-envision a life for yourself that includes the power held within your scars, in order to experience more fulfilling relationships.